Storage heaters and servicing

Storage heaters are ideal for heating most spaces and are often the most efficient means for doing so. Some tariffs such as Economy 7 or Economy 10 even encourage the use of storage heaters by offering lower off-peak electricity rates. This essentially means that you can heat your home using cheaper rates and enjoy the heat all day long.
Most storage heaters work in the same way: they heat up ceramic bricks or oil overnight, which then continue to heat your home throughout the day. Using electricity is an expensive way to heat your house but storage heaters are much more efficient than forced air systems. If you are living in a house or apartment without gas, storage heaters are probably the most efficient way to heat your home.
Storage Heaters and Servicing Peterborough
Whether you are looking for storage heaters for your home or you want to heat an office, we offer a wide range of choices in Peterborough. Getting the right storage heater is vital as you want to make the most of your energy deal.
Storage heaters usually have a long lifespan but to keep them functioning as long as possible at their best, you should make sure that you have them serviced regularly. This won’t cost a lot but will have an impact on the lifespan of your storage heater.
Replacing storage heaters with a new model is usually cheaper than buying new as the wiring is already there. However, this shouldn’t put you off installing storage heaters for the first time. Torien can offer you a great deal for your heating system and our professional engineers are very friendly and capable.
Different Types of Storage Heater
There are a few types of storage heater available, and generally speaking, the more you spend, the more functions you will get. Boost buttons, fan assist and programmable heating settings are all ideal for getting the most out of your heating, especially if you want to come home to a warm house after work.
How you choose to heat your room should be taken into consideration before you pick out the storage heater you want. Bigger rooms will require either a larger storage heater or multiple small ones. Whichever you choose, our professionals will be able to offer you sensible advice.
About Torien Services Ltd.
Getting the right storage heating and servicing is crucial, especially when winter weather is approaching. Whatever your needs, we are able to offer the right storage heaters for you but our services don’t stop there. We can offer regular servicing to ensure your heaters are working at their optimum capacity as well as heater replacement services.
At Torien, we always strive for the very best heating solutions and, as we work all over the UK, we can give plenty of advice based on your location as well as your energy rates. Storage heaters are great for homes with electricity only and could be the perfect solution for you.
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