Refrigeration Services

If you need bespoke refrigeration services near Peterborough for your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Torien, we offer extensive refrigeration solutions, designed to cater for practically any business need. With over a decade of experience and many suppliers, you can trust in us to find a solution that will work sustainably both now and in years to come.
Our Process
At Torien, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. We know that you’re not an expert in refrigeration solutions, so we don’t expect you to do the legwork yourself. Our process aims to provide you with the perfect solution for your situation, without any of the hassles.
Initial Consultation. The initial consultation, via telephone or in-person, is where we find out about your specific requirements. We will discuss the best refrigerator solutions for your application.
On-Site Visit. Here we will collect in-depth information about your site during an in-person visit.
Full Specification Quotation. Using information from the on-site visit, you’ll receive a full specification quotation detailing pricing and delivery time. You will always get the most efficient solution.
Our Services
Do you need a hydro cooling solution for your agricultural production facility? Then get in touch with us today. We understand that in warm regions, fruit and vegetables need to be kept in temperature-controlled conditions soon after harvesting. Use our advanced hydro cooling refrigerators and installation techniques to create the perfect system for your facility.
Display Cabinets
Display cabinets help to show your food products at their best. At Torien, we supply only high-quality refrigerated display units with consistent temperature control and exceptional aesthetics.
Cold Stores
Shops, medical facilities, warehouses, and industrial facilities all need temperature-controlled zones to maintain product stability. Torien refrigeration services in Peterborough have extensive experience both building and maintaining these services.
Food Preparation Areas
Food preparation areas need food to be both chilled and accessible. Get in touch with us for detailed information about our solutions.
Crop Storage
Crops stored at the wrong temperature can spoil, leading to lost revenue. At Torien, we’re here to stop that from happening with temperature-controlled crop storage solutions.
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Trained Refrigeration Professionals
At Torien, we don’t use amateurs. All of our refrigeration engineers are trained professionals with backgrounds in relevant fields. Established in 2003, we’ve delivered dozens of refrigeration projects to happy clients. We work hard to ensure that our systems deliver for the long term.
Excellent Service
Do you have an issue with your refrigeration system? We offer 24/7 maintenance callouts for all customers, regardless of project size.
Bespoke Refrigeration Solutions
You don’t want a generic refrigeration system. You need something that works flawlessly according to your business needs. That’s why we will work closely to a bespoke specification, delivering a solution that is the most efficient for your business. Off-the-shelf solutions rarely work as well as custom.
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Do you need a bespoke refrigeration service for your business near Peterborough? Then get in touch with us today via our website for a consultation.