Plumbing Services

Nothing is more annoying than when a plumbing issue disrupts your business or home life. But rest assured, Torien plumbing services near Peterborough have you covered. Whether you have a problem with a leaking tap or a broken down boiler, you can rely on our team of experienced professionals to get you up and running in short order.
How We Can Help You Right Now
Burst Pipes And Leaks
Burst pipes and leaks can cause severe damage to property, increase your water bills, and disrupt your service. Our experienced plumbers can help you resolve these problems quickly, avoiding additional damage and preventing recurrence in the future.
Showers And Power Showers
Broken showers, whether at home or the office, are a significant inconvenience. We will help you repair or replace any faulty units, including power shower units which often fail after many years of use.
Are your radiators working to full capacity? Probably not. Over time, air can get into the system, displacing water and leading to poor performance. Use our plumbing service to bleed them of air and stop them from making unnecessary noises. Reduce your energy bills and ensure that your home or business is ready for winter.
WCs And Taps
Faulty flushing mechanisms, leaking taps, and blocked drains can all cause big headaches. With our plumbing services, you can ensure that your WC remains hygienic, and your taps work consistently. Our plumbers will work hard to identify the issue and provide advice on how to prevent it from happening again in the future.
Water Tanks
Water tank problems can be severe, especially if your tank is located high up in your building. If you think that you may have a tank issue, talk to us immediately.
Ball Valves
Ball valves prevent WC cisterns from overfilling. When they fail, they can lead to flooding or a toilet that will not flush properly. Our plumbers in Peterborough have the experience you need to solve all your ball valve issues.
Why Choose Torien Plumbing Services?
Fully-Vetted, Professional Plumbers
Plumbing is a serious job, so we only use serious plumbers. All of our plumbers are cross-checked for the right qualifications to ensure that they can meet your needs safely and efficiently. Trust us to provide highly experienced professionals to your home or business.
Big Or Small, We Care About Every Job
Many plumbing service providers in Peterborough put all their effort into their largest contracts, forgetting their smaller clients. We don’t. Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality service, whether you need us to fix a leak in a shower head or install an entirely new plumbing system throughout your business.
A Tailored Service
Not only do we provide customers with a 24/7 maintenance and callout service, but with us, you also get a tailored service. We care deeply about the plumbing solutions that we offer and will consult you on the best options available to you.