Electrical fault finding

Welcome to Torien Services, your one-stop-shop for electrical fault finding in Peterborough. Our team of trained electrical engineers is ready and available to help you discover problems with your electrical systems and ensure that your home/business is fully operational.
Do You Need Electrical Fault Finding Experts?
Unresolved electrical issues are a potential health and safety hazard. Poor connections and electrical faults can lead to fire and electrocution. Put simply, failing to deal with electrical faults can put you, your customers, and your family at risk.
The good news is that by choosing us, you get access to a team of electrical fault finding experts who can deal with any issue you may be experiencing. If you believe you may have an active electrical fault or that one may occur in the future, contact us now. With us, you can not only fix existing problems but also prevent dangerous situations from developing in the future. We will replace any defective equipment and maintain existing circuits so that they continue to perform within specification.
Our Process
To ensure that we discover any electrical faults, our engineers follow an industry-leading process.
Create A Fault Detection Strategy. Every home and business is unique and therefore requires its tailored fault detection strategy. Torien engineers will create a bespoke plan to assess your property to ensure coverage of all areas.
Define Problem Areas. Every premises has different issues. For some, it’s degrading insulation on copper wires, for others it’s faulty circuit breakers and short circuits.
Be Clear On Price. At Torien Services, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We will communicate with you in simple terms any work that needs to be carried out and how much it will cost.
Perform Electrical Fault Finding. Finally, we will begin work, after making sure that you are happy for us to go ahead.
Provide documentation. When you have electrical work performed, you want the job done correctly. We, therefore, provide you with any relevant certificates or Assets, Test Results, and Repairs, according to the IEE Code of Practice.
Choose Torien Services For Electrical Fault Finding In Peterborough
Only Qualified Professionals
Torien Services is a recognised electrical specialist. All our engineers are NICEIC-registered and have Part P accreditation from the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Your safety, as well as that of our staff, is our top priority. We never take risks when working with electrical circuits. The result? A top quality service that won’t let you down when you need it.
24-Hour Support
When you have an electrical problem, you need reassurance that you can get help when you need it. We understand that keeping your home and business operational is essential for your financial and emotional wellbeing. Therefore we have instituted a 24-hour call out service, operating 7-days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.
Friendly Professionals
Customer service matters to us. Our engineers will guide you through every stage of electrical testing so that you know exactly what work has been done. Get in touch with us today for electrical fault finding in Peterborough.