Coldrooms Spalding

If you are looking for a distinguished cold room, with expert installation, and are in and around Peterborough, then you are in the right place. We bring your coldroom needs to life.
Our team of incredibly experienced experts pay close attention to every detail, as well as a passion for what they do. We are proud to say we have completed dozens of successful coldroom projects to date, and we would love to provide you with your perfect bespoke coldroom solution too.
What is a Coldroom?
A coldroom, is often referred to as a “walk-in”. Coldrooms tend to be static, but due to the complexity of the project they require the guidance and expertise of a specialist like Torien to install and maintain. They’re ideal for a range of food prep, and storage.
The benefits of a coldroom start with convenience. If your business needs to have temperature-controlled storage, then this is the most convenient and efficient way to do it.
Most chest freezers and fridges can only hold so much, and often if you need to keep track of your inventory, chest freezers are impractical at best. However, a coolroom will provide you with easy access to any volume of products that you need.
Not only that but a coldroom provides an incredible amount of security. Unlike many fridges and freezers, coldrooms can be locked. As well as monitored.
What else?
The large capacity of a coldroom is ideal for businesses that need to store food on the premises but not at the front of the shop. They can be built indoors or outdoors, which is great for businesses that want to maximise their use of space.
We offer several great customisation options when it comes to our coldroom options.
Racking - Your cold room can be fitted with racking, depending on what you need to store. Racking systems are perfect when you need to store a lower volume. Open systems are ideal for higher volume usage.
Ventilation - Coldrooms work on the same basis as a refrigerator. They remove warm air and transfer it to the outside environment. So we will work closely with you to ensure you have the proper ventilation.
Internal Temperature - Cooldrooms need to be able to chill and freeze, so you will need to have the right temperature controls implemented. And this is something that Torien can make sure that you get right for your business
External Temperature - If your coldroom is close to a kitchen, then there will be a varying ambient temperature requirement. High-powered coldrooms can maintain performance even when the outside temperature hits 43 degrees.
Why Us?
We have been providing exceptional coldroom designed and installation since 2003. Our team is highly qualified and can give you the best advice and information when it comes to having your coldroom fit for purpose. Torien provides a comprehensive experience from the first call to the 24/7 support we provide to our customers.
Ready to discuss your coldroom needs? Give us a call on 01775 713861.