Air Conditioning Spalding

If you are looking for the perfect way to keep your home or offices fresh as the temperature rises, then you are going to need to think about the perks that air conditioning brings. Not only that, but Torien are experts in fitting units that can keep your space warm when required too.
There are a number of options that you can have installed. From a single split system air conditioning unit, a more robust VRF/VRV system or smaller home installation; our team of highly qualified and friendly professional staff can help you make the right air condition choices for your needs.
But what makes air conditioning a must for home or business?
Aside from the obvious temperature control benefits, the moisture that is in your home can actually cause damage to your home and belongings. This extends to things like your kitchen cabinets too. Some materials are more sensitive to humidity (like wooden furniture, for example) than you might realise, and the right air conditioner unit can prevent that damage.
Things like dust mites and bugs will increase as the humidity rises. By having an air condition unit, you are about to reduce the humidity in your home so that it isn’t as hospitable to them. That reduction will also ensure that you get less organic decay (think food waste, or fruit and veggies over-ripening too fast) and attract fewer pests into your home.
Fresh Air
As well as keeping the air cool, air conditioning units are designed to blow fresh cold air into the home, while sucking up all the contaminated and humid air and transferring it out.
Which means roughly every few hours the air in any room is completely replaced.
If you work at home or want to make sure the staff in your office are reaching their maximum productivity, then an air conditioning unit is going to be a must. When the heat rises, people naturally get uncomfortable, and their work rate and work quality will go down. The fresh air from the air conditioning unit will keep you or your staff cool, calm and collected all day long.
We have all been there, you are trying your hardest to get to sleep, but the heat makes it difficult. In the end, you wake up not feeling rested at all. Sleeping in cooler temperatures keeps your blood pressure at a healthy level, and relaxes your heart rate too - mean you get a better night’s sleep.
General Comfort
An air conditioning unit will increase your general comfort in the home or office. Ensuring that your space doesn’t get too warm will mean that you are keeping your blood pressure regulated, and you will reduce your chances of dehydration in the summer months too. Feeling fresh and comfortable all day.
Why Us?
Here at Torien, we are proud to be able to supply and fit a range of air conditioning solutions that can meet your needs. We can provide many notable brands like Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric and LG. As we only choose equipment that has been accepted on the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) list, it will typically qualify for the ECA so the cost can be offset against taxable profits for businesses.
Since 2003 Torien has been proud to offer a 24/7 call-out for free for customers as standard.
For more information, you can speak to one of our qualified and friendly staff on 01775 713861, or email us at